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Help ASSHO serve meals this Ramadan!

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Hijri Calendar, is a time dedicated to fasting, seeking forgiveness, and performing good deeds. It’s a period of spiritual reflection and generosity, where believers strive to strengthen their faith and earn rewards for their righteous actions. Muslim communities worldwide come together during Ramadan to engage in prayers and … Read more

Health Initiatives Of ASSHO Afghanistan

ASSHO Afghanistan's HealthCare system

Afghanistan, a country ravaged by war, faces severe challenges, particularly in providing access to education and empowerment opportunities for women, especially in rural areas. Even before the Taliban regained power in August 2021, Afghanistan’s public healthcare system was struggling. Now, with the country’s economy teetering on the edge of collapse, its healthcare system is also … Read more

Winter Crisis Grips Afghanistan

assho afghanistan

In early October, Afghanistan was struck by four significant earthquakes and their subsequent aftershocks. As a result, Afghan families have been compelled to reside outdoors, constructing makeshift shelters, thereby exposing themselves to various weather-related risks, health concerns, and other safety hazards. Presently, women and children are particularly vulnerable. With the onset of winter in Afghanistan, … Read more

What’s happening in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan experienced a series of devastating earthquakes, with magnitudes of 6.3 on 7th  October , 6.3 on 11th  October, and 6.4 on 15th October , 2023. In Injil, a significant portion of the earthquake-affected population, one-third to be precise, faced severe consequences, with over 3,330 homes in Zinda jan being destroyed. Families now reside in … Read more

A Tale Of Hope And Education

In the heart of Afghanistan, a nation that has weathered decades of turmoil, a poignant story unfolds—a story of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of education. In this tale, we follow the journey of a remarkable entity, the Afghanistan Solidarity for Social and Humanity Organization, fondly known as ASSHO. Afghanistan’s educational landscape has long … Read more

NGO For Women Empowerment, Afghanistan.

NGO for Women Empowerment

In the heart of Afghanistan, where the challenges are as rugged as the terrain, there shines a beacon of hope and change. Afghanistan Solidarity for Social & Humanity Organization (ASSHO Afghanistan), a Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in Kabul in 2015, is on a mission to empower and uplift the women of Afghanistan. In a society … Read more

Empowering Afghanistan :The Vital Role of ASSHO in Kabul Afghanistan

United for Progress, Empowering Afghanistan’s Tomorrow.” In the heart of Afghanistan, where challenges loom large, the Afghanistan Solidarity for Social & Humanity Organization (ASSHO) stands as a symbol of resilience and hope. Established in 2015, ASSHO has rapidly become an indispensable force, fostering positive change across the nation. The organization’s multifaceted initiatives in education, health, … Read more

ASSHO Afghanistan’s Educational Initiatives

ASSHO Afghanistan

“Educate a man, and you light a candle. Educate a woman, and you ignite a beacon that brightens the entire nation.” Within this short span of time and with its limited resources, ASSHO Afghanistan has played a vital role in education sector. The cabinet members, who belong to the same area, are familiar with the … Read more

Gender Policy

Organization will not, under any circumstances, condone or tolerate conduct, which may constitute sexual harassment on the part of its management, supervisors of non-management personnel. It is our policy that all employees have the right in an environment free from any type of illegal discrimination, including sexual harassment. Any employee found to have engaged in … Read more


ASSHO Afghanistan has now established strong roots in the community and is working as an umbrella organization for a number of a Community Organizations (COs), Interest Groups and Civil Society Organizations.  ASSHO Afghanistan has initiated a culture of participatory development among its target communities. To reduce poverty, injustice and miseries of the marginalized communities in … Read more