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NGO For Women Empowerment, Afghanistan.

In the heart of Afghanistan, where the challenges are as rugged as the terrain, there shines a beacon of hope and change. Afghanistan Solidarity for Social & Humanity Organization (ASSHO Afghanistan), a Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in Kabul in 2015, is on a mission to empower and uplift the women of Afghanistan. In a society where women often face tremendous hurdles and inequalities, ASSHO Afghanistan is working tirelessly to change the narrative and create a more equitable future.

A Vision of Empowerment

The vision of ASSHO Afghanistan is crystal clear: a “Healthy & educated society where openness is encouraged, diversity is cherished, innovation is expected, and growth & development are interpreted.” This vision drives their mission, which is “oriented, coordinated, networked, and organized efforts for sustainable development at the grassroots level.”

A Multifaceted Approach

To achieve their mission and empower women in Afghanistan, ASSHO Afghanistan has adopted a multifaceted approach, addressing various aspects of women’s lives:


ASSHO Afghanistan recognizes that education is the key to empowerment. They are committed to providing basic training to teachers, offering scholarships to needy and bright students, establishing non-formal schools in rural areas, and creating awareness about the importance of education among the youth.


Health is another critical area of focus. The organization aims to enhance health facilities in the community by organizing free medical camps, conducting awareness campaigns about diseases, and providing free medicines and services to those in need.

Livelihood and Agriculture

ASSHO Afghanistan understands the significance of economic empowerment. They provide micro-finance facilities to farmers to improve the agriculture sector and arrange sports tournaments for the youth to promote talent and awareness about the harmful use of drugs.

Gender Development

Women’s empowerment is at the core of their mission. They establish Gender Development Forums at the district level, aiming to empower women to participate fully and benefit from available opportunities. These forums address issues related to gender discrimination and work toward gender equality.

Social Development

In a country grappling with psychosocial trauma due to uncertain security situations, ASSHO Afghanistan organizes various social development activities, gatherings, literary meetings, and debate competitions to help the community heal and interact constructively.

Youth Development

Recognizing the potential of the youth, the organization establishes non-formal schools to educate and create awareness among them. They also organize sporting events and tournaments to engage and develop the local youth.

General Welfare

ASSHO Afghanistan is dedicated to improving the overall well-being of communities. This includes construction projects, installation of hand pumps for clean drinking water, seminars on plant protection, tree plantation, and more.

Legal Status and Governance

ASSHO Afghanistan operates within the legal framework of Afghanistan, having received recognition certificates from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economics, and Ministry of Human Rights in 2015. The organization is governed by an autonomous Board of Directors, comprised of highly motivated individuals committed to serving vulnerable communities.

Sustainability and Collaboration

Sustainability is a key focus for ASSHO Afghanistan. They actively involve local communities and international organizations in their initiatives, ensuring ownership and long-term impact. The organization has established networks of consultants and community development workers and collaborates closely with government organizations, NGOs, and donors to maximize their reach and effectiveness.

In a country where women have faced significant challenges, ASSHOAfghanistan shines as a beacon of hope. Their holistic approach to empowerment, encompassing education, health, livelihood, and gender development, is a testament to their commitment to building a brighter future for the women of Afghanistan. Through their tireless efforts, they are breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for Afghan women to thrive and lead change in their communities.

"United for Progress, Empowering Afghanistan's Tomorrow."