What’s happening in Afghanistan?

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Afghanistan experienced a series of devastating earthquakes, with magnitudes of 6.3 on 7th  October , 6.3 on 11th  October, and 6.4 on 15th October , 2023. In Injil, a significant portion of the earthquake-affected population, one-third to be precise, faced severe consequences, with over 3,330 homes in Zinda jan being destroyed. Families now reside in makeshift tents, open spaces, and damaged shelters. These earthquakes caused extensive damage to crucial water and sanitation facilities.

Despite the passing of three months since the seismic events, numerous survivors and victims still find themselves living in precarious conditions, residing in temporary shelters and makeshift tents. The situation remains challenging. A mild earthquake in Herat Province on December 28 further compounded the challenges faced by the affected population. Many displaced individuals are grappling with various health issues, including trauma and mental health disorders. The dire circumstances are particularly affecting hundreds of thousands of children in Afghanistan, highlighting the urgent need for support to alleviate their suffering.

Afghan children needs your support

Children are still trying to cope with the loss and trauma. Schools and health centers, which children depend upon, are damaged beyond repair, or destroyed completely and adding to it winter has also taken hold and temperatures hover below freezing making the life of people in Afghanistan more miserable.

How is ASSHO responding?

ASSHO teams are actively present on the field, providing essential assistance to children and families. The organization has sent vital medical supplies, such as medications, medical tools, and surgical kits, which will serve as a crucial lifeline for numerous individuals in urgent need of life-saving support following the impactful earthquakes.

Earthquake Cash assessment funded by AWOM.
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