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At the Afghanistan Solidarity for Social & Humanity Organization (ASSHO), we hold an unwavering commitment to sustainability across all aspects of our operations. Our dedication to sustainable practices is at the heart of our organizational ethos, and we pledge to uphold the principles outlined in the UN Sustainable Procurement Framework. As we embark on projects that empower women, foster economic growth, and promote community well-being, we stand firm in our resolve to make a positive and lasting impact on our environment, society, and economy.

Gender Policy

It is our policy that all employees have the right in an environment free from any type of illegal discrimination, including sexual harassment..

Environmental Responsibility

Our projects are designed with environmental consciousness, aiming to minimize pollution, reduce waste, and conserve energy

Social Policy

ASSHO is committed to ensuring social justice, equality, and inclusivity. Our projects are vehicles for promoting human rights, gender equality, and diversity

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