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Health Initiatives Of ASSHO Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a country ravaged by war, faces severe challenges, particularly in providing access to education and empowerment opportunities for women, especially in rural areas. Even before the Taliban regained power in August 2021, Afghanistan’s public healthcare system was struggling. Now, with the country’s economy teetering on the edge of collapse, its healthcare system is also in crisis. Many families, who have lost their jobs in the past couple of years, are facing tough decisions: Should they use what little money they have for food, or should they prioritize taking their malnourished children to the doctor and buy medicine?

As a result of inadequate education and poverty, the residents of the area endure a substandard quality of life. Diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, and anemia thrive due to these poor conditions, reaching alarming levels. Maternal care is virtually nonexistent, leading to high risks during childbirth and maternal neglect. So, improving health services is a top priority for ASSHO Afghanistan in the region. The organization plans to enhance health facilities by organizing free medical camps and raising awareness about diseases through mass campaigns.

Notably, ASSHO Afghanistan provides free medicines and services to those in need. Additionally, leveraging its expertise in infrastructure development, the organization aims to install hand pumps, build streets, toilets, drainage systems, and clean drinking water plants in the area. In agriculture, ASSHO Afghanistan intends to offer micro-finance support to farmers for sectoral improvement. Furthermore, the organization will host sports tournaments for youth, aiming to foster a peaceful environment where they can showcase their talents and promote awareness about the dangers of drug abuse, ultimately fostering peace and harmony.

ASSHO Afghanistan is dedicated to mobilizing a medical team equipped with a mobile laboratory and facilities for radiology and cardiology.